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  My mom died when I was 35 years old. The entire circumstance surrounding her death stayed with me for years. The initial crisis occurred at my house. I could hear her screams and my dad’s panicked queries. I could hear my calm husband take control of the situation, call 911, and answer endless, seemingly,… [Read More]

Human Trafficking

A crisis abounds in our world. It’s also in the US, in our states and in your community. You may name several causes before you arrive at human trafficking, but the fact is, it’s the second largest criminal activity next to the sale of drugs. Gangs, pimps, cartels, organized crime have noticed this lucrative venture…. [Read More]

Rest and Refreshment

Aqua waves swelled and broke at my feet, tickling my toes. I wiggled them deep into the sand, scratching the itch, and watched as water refilled each hole. It became a game to see if I could create a space that would remain. The only way I discovered, was to move away from the water…. [Read More]