Whispers Of Hope

Waiting is hard. Especially when we know God has called us to a special purpose.  Yet time and logistics conspire to rob His cause from our lives. Rather than allow this period to usher in doubt, use it to listen. For God has Whispers of Hope, love, and promise meant just for us.

Looking ahead to plan and prepare are good. Reflecting on the past to learn from our journey is wise. But remaining in either state robs us of today.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10
This is His greatest desire for our lives.

The presence of God is a gift we can miss when we function from a place of weakness. Yet many times we live right there and don’t realize the peace we forfeit. We over think, we over do. Rehearsing a past. Trudging through the routine of each new day. Our lives dependent on our time, our strength, our sight.

Release it all to God. Allow Him to take control. Instead of doubt, welcome peace. Rest in Him. Use the time you have NOW with purpose and precision.
1. Pick up a Bible.
2. Hold it and pray for God to open your mind to His voice alone.
3. Read it until you find a sentence or phrase that is meaningful to you today.
4. Say it over and over.
5. Turn it into a prayer back to God.
6. Allow Him to fill your heart with His presence.
7. Write down what you hear.
8. Realize these are whispers of love, encouragement, and promise from God.
9. Think about them over and over again. They offer clarity and peace.
10. Thank Him for each message and rest in His goodness.

This is the state Being in God’s presence. No rush, no other priority, no desire to be anywhere else.

Today, rest in His presence. He wants us to be there more than anywhere else. He will take care of our lives on His terms when we take pleasure in His company alone.

Give thanks with a grateful heart.

On this Thanksgiving, give thanks for today and enjoy each moment.


  1. Val Sarkady says:

    Good counsel in these hectic days of preparing !! Thank you.

  2. A beautiful message. Well thought out. love the ten ways of getting closer to God. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is the greatest gift available.

    Happy thanksgiving to you, your family, and all those who read this message.

  3. Kelley J Ferguson says:

    Lovely words for today! Enjoyed pondering them during my break time. Thank you for sending them today. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family 😀

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