Consider the Birds ~ Reflections to Make You Soar

By Jewell Utt

Release October 2019

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Bird behavior reveals characteristics that inspire human change.

Learn about the unique parallel between man and birds. Reflecting on the similarities will cause you to consider God’s creation in a more meaningful way.

This book will stimulate your devotional time, lead you into intimacy with God, and inspire you to Soar to new heights.

Each chapter presents:

  • Surprising and unique bird behavior
  • Similar characteristics found in humans
  • Biblical and personal stories showcasing shared behavior
  • Accounts to inspire personal reflection
  • Questions to motivate change and help you Soar

Did you know there are over two hundred billion birds in the world?

Have you noticed one today?

Their complexities teach valuable lessons that inspire growth and change to those who will stop and Consider the Birds.


  1. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I know the hard work and labor you put into it and know it will be a blessing to all who read it!

  2. Karen Ehasz says

    It’s been a long haul for you to be able to finish this project. I have been so happy to be a part of it by praying specifically through different stages of progress. So happy you have finally been able to reach your dream of publishing a book. Anxious to read it.. It excites me to think of how creative God is in the creation of birds so looking forward to additional information to my limited knowledge and especially how they compare to humans.

    • Karen, AS a part of my cherished prayer team, thank- YOU for supporting me in the most important way.. <3

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