Renewed Vibrancy

The month of May brought forth a vibrancy I haven’t seen in years. The trees are fuller, the flowers brighter, the air is cleaner, the birds … more colorful. The reduction of gases and pollutants due to the Covid shut-down must be a contributing factor; offering a positive outcome we can actually see. And, when… [Read More]

The Covid Effect

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7 My first article of the year was titled 2020, A Year for Perfect Vision. After all, perfect sight should inspire a person to see things more clearly. I imagined rest for the weary, purpose for… [Read More]

2020, A Year for Perfect Vision

The days are getting longer. A small consolation in view of the winter months ahead. Gaining focus is a challenge. The darkness, gloom, and cold of these months makes me sluggish. I yearn for the warmth and renewed energy of Spring.  Although today, the sky is bright and filled with encouragement. The Red-tailed Hawk is… [Read More]

Remembering 9-11

I felt numb as I drove to the middle school that day. It was the morning of 9-11, shortly after the first attack. I was unnerved by the eerie silence inside a building filled with vibrant students. They must have heard the news. As I entered the music room, the teacher’s wide eyes locked with… [Read More]

Time Is Not Ours To Decide

Death exemplifies how fleeting life is and how abruptly it can end. It’s a somber reminder that we are not in control. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even our next breath. It’s hard to believe life can end at any time. When we lose friends unexpectedly, we are harshly reminded that time is not… [Read More]

What Task Have You Laid Down? TAKE IT UP

What task have you laid down? Take it up. God is encouraging you to move forward with boldness and confidence. When you experience hardship and confusion–doubt and despair are not far behind. If you are like me, you squash those “feelings” and focus on an area of immediate need. Not dwelling on the overwhelming aspects of… [Read More]

He Shall Reign Forever – A Christmas Story

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light… Isaiah 9:2 (ESV) To fully understand the story of Christmas, we have to understand the historical setting depicted in Isaiah 9. It was a time of deep darkness. An age of violence, domination and oppression. A time referred to as Pax Romana–the peace of… [Read More]

Always Behind Me

Memories of Dad  resound. It’s a melody in the background of my mind that’s always playing. Sometimes a special arrangement–memory–catches my ear and I dwell there for a time. Inevitably, an immediate need of the day pushes it back. Time, in different measure for God, should render a lesson. We’ll meet again, worthy goals deserve a… [Read More]


I was in jail. Not for a crime, but to visit a former student. He seemed young for this situation, but his face revealed a harder life than most. We were in rooms separated by glass; at desks with a phone and partition on each side. I did not feel safe. An officer stood guard… [Read More]

Unfriended – Offline

Conflicts, misunderstandings, rejection, all reasons people will part ways. In an imperfect world we are liable to make a mistake when it comes to our friendships. When I think about the grace that Jesus expressed to us, knowing our weaknesses, I wonder why we cannot extend that to each other. Instead we are quick to… [Read More]