Love Equals Forgiveness

In 2004, a group of teenagers went for a joy ride after stealing a credit card and purchasing a frozen turkey. Hyped up from their crime and looking for more action, one boy made an impulsive decision. Against protests from the other teens, he proceeded to hurl the turkey out the window, at an oncoming… [Read More]

The Christmas Tree

To many people, Christmas time is a season that is cold, busy, and demanding. One they would rather forget than embrace. Between parties, spending, and uncomfortable family gatherings, their joy is overshadowed by anxiety. Thank God for the Christmas Tree! Its decorated beauty can illuminate our path to Merry and Bright. The Christmas Tree is:… [Read More]

Time Is Not Ours To Decide

Death exemplifies how fleeting life is and how abruptly it can end. It’s a somber reminder that we are not in control. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even our next breath. It’s hard to believe life can end at any time. When we lose friends unexpectedly, we are harshly reminded that time is not… [Read More]

Boasting and Beating

Two extremes are at work in society today, boasting and beating. Boasting comes through exaggeration and self-promotion, and is propagated via social media, in the workplace, and anywhere people tend to congregate. The beating surfaces in more intimate settings: among friends, in small groups, and in conversations we have with ourselves. The more we do… [Read More]


Pain from the past can hinder our ability to move forward in a positive way. Although it is hard to completely forget about situations that have harmed us, it is essential in order to thrive. Yet for many people, their default when things are not going well, is to blame past circumstances. This puts the… [Read More]

Whispers Of Hope

Waiting is hard. Especially when we know God has called us to a special purpose.  Yet time and logistics conspire to rob His cause from our lives. Rather than allow this period to usher in doubt, use it to listen. For God has Whispers of Hope, love, and promise meant just for us. Looking ahead to plan and prepare are good…. [Read More]

A Study Of Mom

From the start, women enter into the role of Mom with pain, some conflict, and anxiety. To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Genesis 3:16  Now that wasn’t nice, but it’s a fact of life we accept. Thankfully, we are… [Read More]

One Son Shines For Us All

I walked through a town filled with people of alternate lifestyles. My initial surprise at this blatant disregard for society’s norm compromised my good graces. As I engaged people in light conversation, something odd began to stir in my spirit. I liked them. They were real people, creations of my God. I yearned for them to experience the… [Read More]

The Christmas Bill

My peaceful walk through the forest was disturbed by sounds of distress. It was a goose wildly shaking his bill, caught in some type of barbed wire. As I cautiously approached, I could see it was scared. My help would only panic him more. I called Animal Control, who amazingly came right over. They sedated the bird to… [Read More]

Be A Friend, Accept a Friend

“Can we talk?” my friend asked. “Sure.” She dabbed at her eyes and with a quivering voice, apologized for being such a disappointment to me. “I haven’t been faithful to Bible study or in other ministries and I feel terrible. I’ve let you down.” I looked deep into her serious eyes and burst into laughter. Now it was… [Read More]