How To Accomplish Your Goals in the New Year

The New Year is well underway. Ideas are stirring for growth and opportunity because a new year represents new hope. Will your plans come to pass or fizzle out as the weeks go by? Whether it’s better health, more time with the Lord, developing an idea, or rekindling an old friendship… it requires motivation. Motivation is… [Read More]

Happy New Year

And we’re off… 2016 is here leaving 2015 in the dust. The year passed at lightning speed and brought many changes. One worth a mention is that we have a new Pastor at our church. He’s a vibrant young man with a dynamic message. And we’re so happy to welcome him along with the New… [Read More]

Awake My Soul And Sing

What if all you had today was what you were thankful for yesterday? Would your world be chock-full or left wanting? The New Year ushers in motivation unlike any other time. Renewed purpose and vision incite us to make change.  Inspired by this energy, the average resolve still wanes by the middle of March. Especially… [Read More]