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Podcast Link – Tips to Enhance your Devotional Time

The “Hanging out with Jesus” podcast is now posted. You can listen anytime at your convenience. Once it goes live it is always available. This is a time of actual practice as we work through a devotion together. So come prepared with your Bible and notepad and expect quiet moments. Here is the link: devotional… [Read More]

“Hanging Out With Jesus”

On June 25th, I’m joining Lyvita Brooks on her Podcast Hanging Out with Jesus. Together we will discuss how to invigorate your devotional time. Based on my recent book, Consider the Birds – Reflections to Make You Soar, we’ll talk about how the beauty of nature organically causes you to slow down and reflect. You’ll… [Read More]

Hanging Out With Jesus

Does your devotional time need a kick start? Tune in June 25, to the Podcast “Hanging Out With Jesus,” as I give tips on how to stimulate your devotional time. In the following, I read an excerpt from my book “Consider the Birds” that tells how nature helped me to slow down and connect with God.