Watching God Work is Amazing

Community Blend has come a long way in 2021. With the undergirding of our powerful prayer team, we struggled through the nonprofit paperwork, anxiously awaited confirmation and acceptance to become a 501c3, enlisted a Board of Directors, volunteers, gained financial support, secured a location, purchased all equipment needed to open, and held our first event. A success!

In 2022, our vision increases, after all we have a mighty God. The café will open on Jan 5, 2022 with a limited schedule. This soft opening is actually a blessing, enabling us to figure out daily operations and work through any kinks. When our commercial equipment is fully installed, we’ll have a Grand Opening.  

Our community women’s Bible study will move into the church welcoming newcomers on the second Friday in January. We also have planned: a walking group, a no agenda coffee time, and a knitter/hand crafters group.

As we meet the community, we’ll plan programs to stimulate gathering and conversation. Our Vision Team will begin meeting to brainstorm the best ways to provide help to our community.

Please pray for our efforts. And remember year end is a good time to consider a tax-deductible gift to Community Blend. 

Our prayer for you is that God will stimulate your passion and purpose to new heights in 2022.

Have a Merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year.

The Community Blend Team


  1. Karen A Ehasz says

    Glad all is working out well for you. it sounds very exciting. God bless you and your efforts.

  2. Val Sarkady says

    PRaise the Lord! You and your team have worked hard for this start-up and it sounds like it is going strong! Congratulations. I will continue to pray for Community Blend to grow and be a shining light in the community!

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