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Finding Refreshment For The Servant’s Heart – And Jesus said; “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in HEART, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matt 11:29. Refresh your heart. Renew your spirit. Retreat or one day event.  Three Sessions: Refresh My Body, Renew My Mind, Restore My Spirit.

Speak Up – Public speaking is a huge fear for many people. This class will teach a step by step approach for speakers and leaders. It will include; your appearance and style, the art of oration– how to use your voice, making introductions, leading a meeting, guiding a discussion. From preparing the room to outlining your speech, you’ll learn to deliver a presentation with confidence.

Homiletics – Learn to study and present Biblical messages with accuracy. Homiletics will teach you how to analyze, prepare, and organize your message. Whether you teach a small class, large group or share one on one, Homiletics will help you develop your aim and principles. This is foremost, a great tool for personal study. But is also something you can pass on, to help others share the Word with accuracy and confidence.

Conflict,  Anxiety, Peace – Just an ordinary day in the life of a leader. Trials are inevitable. How we respond is key. Learn how to cope using God’s prescription for peace based on Philippians 4. In this class we’ll discuss conflicts, the divided mind, and peace hinderers. Satan’s stumbling blocks to our ministry hold no power over God’s plan for our life. What God has called us to, He will empower us through. Renew your mind.

Esther – “For Such a Time as This” Beautiful inside and out. This is the compelling story of a common Jewess, who risked her life to save her people. Learn how pampering, purpose, prayer and promise played out in the life of a humble young woman. And how you can apply these principles to your own story. Leave challenged to find your purpose “for such a time as this.” This can be one to four sessions. A great retreat with pampering possibilities.

Ruth – One of two books named after women in the Bible. Learn about faithfulness, goodness and love. This beautiful story may force you to see your mother-in-law differently. Learn how God loves and cares for you, providing your “kinsman redeemer” even today.

Habakkuk – A journey from doubt to trust. Why would God use evil people to judge the righteous? Learn how the prophet embraced God and His people. And how you can trust through doubt and fear. What perplexes you?

Psalm 91 – Under the shelter of His wings, we are safe. The military uses Psalm 91 as a promise of protection. As Christians, we are also in a battle. Learn how to use the words of Psalm 91 to safeguard your walk and that of your family.

Psalms 23 – He is our Shepherd, and like sheep we have all gone astray. Lessons in forgiveness, healthy dependence and tough love.

3-D – Diet, discipline and discipleship. Three hot topics that reach the heart of our daily walk. This can be used for a Retreat or single session. Learn about nutrition– not dieting–daily spiritual disciplines, and the heart of leading others. You will go away from this workshop with a cause.

Abandonment – Are you lonely, sad, insecure? Do you need a boost of supernatural proportions? Learn how the art of focus can help bless you and others. Why we need friends and how to be one. Building relationships takes time. Is the value worth the cost?

Masks – People can spot a phony a mile off. It takes a sincere heart to shine a light in a dark place. Christ was real. Learn about his ministry and how to walk like Him. We will discuss  counterfeits, school massacres, and the danger of masks.

Connections – The catch word of recent years. We understand the importance of connections, but do we connect? Relationship building  and hearing the voice of God. Learn to connect the dots.

Yes, I am a Princess…my Father is the King of Kings – We are royalty! Daughters of the king and joint heirs with Christ. So why are we so insecure? Learn about healthy body images, the media and their part, the truth versus the lies we tell ourselves.  Nutrition and activity guidelines. Leave challenged to see yourself in a different light. His light. Great retreat or single session.

Whatever! A study in Philippians. Do you have joy in your life? Can you think on things that are noble, pure and right? This topic will challenge you to improve your attitude and find contentment in your circumstances. Whatever?

Proof of life: The Church – Is church attendance still relevant today. People are disconnecting from the body at alarming rates. Youth don’t see the need, pew sitters don’t engage, and many “do church” at home. Learn why it is important to gather your spiritual siblings and be a cheerleader of the faith. We’ll discuss conflict in the church and healthy resolutions.

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