It’s All About Love

1 John 4:7 says, “Love one another.” For me, May is the month of love. It’s my wedding anniversary and the month we filed to make Community Blend an official nonprofit. This is a special time of year where Passion, Purpose and Promise come alive and everything seems possible. Challenges are no longer an obstacle,… [Read More]

Where Have You Been?

Who Me? I’ve been on a glorious journey with the Lord. Years ago, God placed a desire on my heart to open a gathering place. At that time, I thought of a book store where people could have coffee and tea, hang out, read, and enjoy specialty programs. But, when Covid hit (and we became… [Read More]

Watching God Work is Amazing

Community Blend has come a long way in 2021. With the undergirding of our powerful prayer team, we struggled through the nonprofit paperwork, anxiously awaited confirmation and acceptance to become a 501c3, enlisted a Board of Directors, volunteers, gained financial support, secured a location, purchased all equipment needed to open, and held our first event. A… [Read More]

Community Blend First Event

Refresh Renew Restore November 13 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm  A day of refreshment for women! Are you weary from the last few years? Come, find refreshment for your spirit. Join us for Community Blend’s first event. Three uplifting sessions will build your faith and renew your purpose. Come hear one woman’s story of hope. Learn how she remained steadfast through life’s challenging… [Read More]

The Waiting Period

So, what’s happening with Community Blend? Our vision is alive and well as we gather information and support to press forward. If you haven’t heard, please visit our website at And like us on Facebook. Waiting periods are difficult to manage when you are raring to go. I think of a horse behind the… [Read More]

Community Blend

We have Exciting news. Thanks to God, who is working in ways too amazing for me to fathom. For several years I’ve wanted to open a charitable organization. Thirty years ago, I toyed with the dream of having a soup kitchen. My desire was to help the homeless providing food, love and the gospel message…. [Read More]

Renewed Vibrancy

The month of May brought forth a vibrancy I haven’t seen in years. The trees are fuller, the flowers brighter, the air is cleaner, the birds … more colorful. The reduction of gases and pollutants due to the Covid shut-down must be a contributing factor; offering a positive outcome we can actually see. And, when… [Read More]

The Seven Churches

This week marks the end of an in-depth look at the seven churches in Revelation. After extensive study over many years, I’m ever amazed at the amount left to learn. That’s the beauty of Scripture, we never fully arrive; and the wisdom of God, who gives us morsels of truth to digest one piece at… [Read More]

Freshness of Spirit – Change and Trust

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. Jeremiah 17:7 Happy New Year! As the snow ushers in 2021, with it comes a freshness of spirit. After a year of turmoil and unexpected change, I’m anticipating a year of hope and transformation. Many lessons came from being homebound: a… [Read More]

Stay Safe And Don’t Fear

The rocks were slippery. I knew I’d fall into the ocean if I climbed on them. I imagined the violent waves sweeping me away before my beloved even knew I was gone. So, I stayed safe and didn’t venture into the unknown. After all, no lifeguards were on duty to rescue me. That’s my personality…. [Read More]