A Privilege to Help

Humanitarian causes are important to most people. When we hear about hunger, slavery, distress, homelessness, it tugs at our heart strings. Hearing is a gift, but seeing is a game changer. It’s easy to take our comfortable lives for granted and turn a blind eye to the suffering around us. Human Trafficking is an evil… [Read More]

Human Trafficking

A crisis abounds in our world. It’s also in the US, in our states and in your community. You may name several causes before you arrive at human trafficking, but the fact is, it’s the second largest criminal activity next to the sale of drugs. Gangs, pimps, cartels, organized crime have noticed this lucrative venture…. [Read More]

Border Crossings

Sonam’s eyes glistened as she crossed the border into her new life. An array of stray emotions played in her heart. Leaving Nepal was difficult. She’d miss her younger brothers and sisters–her mom who worked tirelessly to care for them, eight in all. As the oldest, she decided to step out in search of a… [Read More]