Practical Tips for Survival during Covid and beyond

Imagine having an active life that suddenly comes to a halt due to illness or age. The shelter-in-place order gives us a glimpse into the life of a shut-in. For a short term, we can understand some of the challenges they face. Considering this, I admire how well most elderly people adapt. Perhaps not having… [Read More]


I was in jail. Not for a crime, but to visit a former student. He seemed young for this situation, but his face revealed a harder life than most. We were in rooms separated by glass; at desks with a phone and partition on each side. I did not feel safe. An officer stood guard… [Read More]

The Chain Link of Our Hearts

We are social creatures. Although we need downtime and alone time, we also need community. I treasure time alone because I can quiet my heart to write, think, pray, or do nothing at all. But when days of isolation abound, my heart begins to notice and my spirit rebels. In an odd way, I think… [Read More]