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Keep In Time

Great things are on the horizon. They take shape before my eyes; as I witness God’s unmistakable hand on people and circumstances. The ripple effect of life’s small moments are all used by God in the larger scheme of things. Sometimes I struggle to keep this in mind. 

The Duck and The Turtle

The day was clear and pleasant. The water’s effect soothing; dependable for a quick reprieve from life. As twigs floated by, gentle ripples guided their paths. Mesmerized, I strained to separate the sky from the depths below. I could see fish swimming around clouds, navigating trees that swayed in their path. Still the surface remained… [Read More]

One Son Shines For Us All

I walked through a town filled with people of alternate lifestyles. My initial surprise at this blatant disregard for society’s norm compromised my good graces. As I engaged people in light conversation, something odd began to stir in my spirit. I liked them. They were real people, creations of my God. I yearned for them to experience the… [Read More]