I’m patiently waiting for this weather to pass. To enjoy Spring with its warmth, flowers, and new inspiration. Waiting can serve as a good time to rely on God and to assess circumstances, but there’s a downside. Are you wise in your waiting? By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through… [Read More]

One Son Shines For Us All

I walked through a town filled with people of alternate lifestyles. My initial surprise at this blatant disregard for society’s norm compromised my good graces. As I engaged people in light conversation, something odd began to stir in my spirit. I liked them. They were real people, creations of my God. I yearned for them to experience the… [Read More]

The Christmas Bill

My peaceful walk through the forest was disturbed by sounds of distress. It was a goose wildly shaking his bill, caught in some type of barbed wire. As I cautiously approached, I could see it was scared. My help would only panic him more. I called Animal Control, who amazingly came right over. They sedated the bird to… [Read More]