A Look Back At MOM

As I take a look back at  Mom, I’m struck by this amazing woman. She accomplished more in her life by age 40 than most of us do today. She had seven children, a college education, a promising career, a good church, a Christian support group, and a family that stuck together through thick and… [Read More]


Wow, it has been a busy month filled with praises, blessings, and trials. But what worthwhile endeavor comes without its challenges? When we step out in faith, even though the way forward is scary, we learn to trust God. We have to…because we don’t know how it will all end. In the space of a… [Read More]

What Task Have You Laid Down? TAKE IT UP

What task have you laid down? Take it up. God is encouraging you to move forward with boldness and confidence. When you experience hardship and confusion–doubt and despair are not far behind. If you are like me, you squash those “feelings” and focus on an area of immediate need. Not dwelling on the overwhelming aspects of… [Read More]

Don’t Shrink Back

And if he shrinks back I will not be pleased with him.  Hebrews 10:38 NIV NOT pleased with me! What a contrast to, You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased(Luke 3:22). Pleasing God is my greatest desire, but I know I fall short—hindered by imperfect vision. In Hebrews, we… [Read More]

Reaching For An Extraordinary Life

“For if they do these things when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?” Luke 23:31 (HCSB)  October is an amazing month. In September a gun sounds and the race begins, as school and church ministries resume. By October, routines are established and blessings start to pour forth. One is the… [Read More]


I’m patiently waiting for this weather to pass. To enjoy Spring with its warmth, flowers, and new inspiration. Waiting can serve as a good time to rely on God and to assess circumstances, but there’s a downside. Are you wise in your waiting? By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through… [Read More]


Expectations are a funny thing. We set boundaries for ourselves based on experiences, values, and the world around us. But are our lessons valuable to someone else’s life? Yes, if they learn them on their own and at their own pace. Learning through personal experience is the key that unlocks the standards by which we… [Read More]