Dangers Hide in Plain Sight

The kitten nipped the grass… peacefully unaware that a ravenous fox watched from the woods. Overhead a hawk circled, his eye intent on a target. His target wasn’t the large dog that had wandered into the back yard. He contentedly sniffed and hadn’t yet noticed the kitten. Suddenly, a loud bark interrupted the quiet scene,… [Read More]

Remembering 9-11

I felt numb as I drove to the middle school that day. It was the morning of 9-11, shortly after the first attack. I was unnerved by the eerie silence inside a building filled with vibrant students. They must have heard the news. As I entered the music room, the teacher’s wide eyes locked with… [Read More]

Time Is Not Ours To Decide

Death exemplifies how fleeting life is and how abruptly it can end. It’s a somber reminder that we are not in control. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even our next breath. It’s hard to believe life can end at any time. When we lose friends unexpectedly, we are harshly reminded that time is not… [Read More]

Happy New Year

And we’re off… 2016 is here leaving 2015 in the dust. The year passed at lightning speed and brought many changes. One worth a mention is that we have a new Pastor at our church. He’s a vibrant young man with a dynamic message. And we’re so happy to welcome him along with the New… [Read More]