Happy New Year

And we’re off… 2016 is here leaving 2015 in the dust. The year passed at lightning speed and brought many changes. One worth a mention is that we have a new Pastor at our church. He’s a vibrant young man with a dynamic message. And we’re so happy to welcome him along with the New Year.

Change keeps us fresh and thinking. It stimulates motion and produces growth. Too much of the same old thing leads to complacency. We can become robotic in our efforts and fail to see real needs. God’s desire for us is to be driven by the Holy Spirit, rather than the parameters of a schedule we’ve established.

The parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37, demonstrates the difference between being routine driven versus need driven. A man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho was attacked and left for dead on the side of the road. Both a Priest and a Levite saw the man as they passed by, but instead of reaching out, they avoided him. Thankfully, another passerby took pity and helped the injured man; not doing the least and running off, but giving until he knew the man’s need was met. He was the Good Samaritan.

Why would Jesus use a Samaritan, a mixed breed, to demonstrate righteous living? Because the religious, the parade of  pure and holy, forgot how to show love. How to assess and meet practical needs. Thus, how to be a good neighbor.

Did the pious men feel they were too important to stop? Were they afraid to engage this possibly dangerous man? Was their routine so established that any change was unacceptable?

There’s no good excuse, yet we all fall into this trap from time to time. Satan can deceive us into thinking our routine is too noble, our position too high to stoop down to a hurting man’s level.

A regular schedule is commendable, but not if we avoid meeting needs. Not if we relax into bad habits and fail to address change. So refresh your ideas in 2016. Walk away from stale projects and venture to see where God will lead.

My prayer for 2016 is to meet the needs of people on the roads I travel.

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