My Halloween Cat

My Halloween Cat


You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

Autumn reminds me of my orange cat Garfield. Plump and furry, he blended into the leaf pile as if he belonged. He was a faithful companion, more like a dog than cat, he licked my face and greeted me at the door. When I walked outside, he was right there padding alongside. If a dog approached Garfield would charge forward in Halloween cat style.

I’m thankful for his unconditional love. He soaked up my presence when I was home, instead of being mad that I was gone so long. He died in the Fall, but his memory is still alive in my heart.  

I learned a valuable lesson from my cat. To enjoy the time I spend with others to the fullest, rather than focus on the problems of the day. God extends unconditional love to us. Sometimes we don’t spend the time in His presence we should–but as we return, He’s quick to welcome us and enjoy each moment.

I’m grateful I can run unfettered into His arms. It teaches me to extend that same grace to others. Ever thankful for their presence; protective of  the relationship, grateful for the moments together. The orange of fall, reminiscent of the Garfield I loved, reminds me to be thankful to God–for His love and for the loving things He’s placed in my life.



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