How to Cultivate A Spirit Of Generosity

I’m not giving him a dime, he should get a job! Plus he smells. – Oh no, here comes Ms. Talkstoomuch. She’s so insensitive about my time constraints. – Why can’t she keep her problems and rabbit trails out of our classroom discussion? Is this generosity?

We can all relate to feeling like this at one time or another. Ugly, when it’s strung together for us to examine. The truth is we do place a guard over our time and money. But a generous spirit places a guard over our thoughts and tongue. Learning how to cultivate a spirit of generosity is a worthy challenge.

It’s common to equate money with generosity. However, in God’s economy the meaning is deeper and further reaching than cash. By definition, generosity is the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish: the quality of being especially generous; willingness to give money and other valuable things to others. Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary Note: Money and material possessions are the last definition listed.

Three Qualities That Cultivate A Generous Spirit

Be Kind

A person with a generous spirit is more concerned about others, than they are about their own time constraints. People often choose a different route when they see “a talker” coming their way. The justification is their priority list for that day. It happens at church, in the grocery, and at work. Whether talkers are lonely, needy or simply friendly, spending time on someone else is generous.

People who take the time to listen experience divine appointments.

Be Prudent 

The ability to accomplish a task does depend on efficient time management. But remember others are not bound by the same restrictions and goals. Consider your skill set and put it to good use. Although, working your to-do list is convenient when the gang’s all there, it’s better to schedule work separate from gathering times. Use personal time for your priorities and group time to engage with others. A different timetable will put your mind at ease. A generous spirit spends time on people, not lists.

The Holy Spirit takes you off your schedule to put you onto His path.

Be Compassionate

In an arena of presenters, one gracious soul stood apart. Her presentation, above the rest, exhibited good preparation. It demonstrated respect for the topic and the recipients’ time. When faced with students who wanted to tell their story and consume off topic class time, she listened. I detected no hint of her time being wasted, her plans left untaught, her fear of the class not learning. She yielded her talk to the need of the moment. That is generosity.

Interruptions are how the Holy Spirit works.

We all lack. We all have needs, hurts, complaints and ugliness. We all have sin.


For God so loved the world that [He Gave] His only begotten son that whosoever believed in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

God’s generosity is clear.
He gave perfectly while we were imperfect.

Additional scripture verses on generosity:


  1. Liz beardmore says

    Thanks dear sister – just what I needed to hear as we come to the end of our wonderful vacation in the med and prepare to return to schedules and commitments. With love in Jesus, lizxxx

    • says

      Thanks for the confirmation, Liz. We are so busy, we forget to take the time to engage. A reminder for us all.

  2. Toni Samuels says

    A word in due season for me: “People who take the time to listen experience divine appointments.” I love that! I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the insights, Jewell.

  3. Autumn McClain says

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. So many of us today think generosity is only measured in dollar signs. But another immeasurable gift is a listening ear, a kind word, a helping hand, and sometimes just a smile and companionship. You really touched on something we forget about in our busy lives today. Thanks for sharing.
    Generosity. . .I need to do better.

    • says

      Oh dear! How I missed this i’ll never know. Thank you for your comments Autumn. Isn’t is great that God’s economy is different than dollars and cents! Love you!

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