Mental Wellness Seminar – A Biblical View

Mental Wellness Seminar – A Biblical View

Presented by Fred Jacoby, MA – Director – Foundations Christian Counseling Services

Seeking Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health
Saturday, June 3, 2017
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Fellowship Church  300 Cromwell Street
Phillipsburg, NJ   08865

Join us for a Biblical look at the mental health issues we face today. Define the struggle and learn how to respond.  

Register online or by mail.


9 AM – “Emotional, Mental, or Spiritual? Defining the Struggle” – There are so many different ways to look at our struggles.  Psychiatry looks at the brain and chemical imbalances. Psychology looks at the mind, behaviors, and emotions.  Many Christians perceive issues as only Spiritual in nature.   So, which is it?  Studying certain passages in Scriptures will help us navigate this confusing terrain and help us gain a reliable (and Biblical) view.

10:30 AM – “Getting to the Heart of our Struggles”  – Whether you are struggling yourself or helping others who struggle, God does not remain silent.  Instead, He speaks to us in our pain and He speaks through us to help others.  Yet knowing where to start can be difficult.  Together, we’ll look at our struggles and our greatest needs for wellness.

11:45 – 12:45 – Lunch

12:45 PM – “Depression” – According to the National Institute for Mental Health, an estimated 19 million people in the United States suffer with depression.  Chances are, if you are not someone who struggles with depression, you know someone who does.  Depression left unaddressed can also lead to suicide.  Having a better and Biblical understanding of depression can not only bring encouragement and healing, but can also save lives!

1:45 – 2:00 – Break

2:00- 3:00 – “Anxiety” – Fear is not only one of the greatest motivators of actions, but it is also one of the greatest paralyzing agents.  Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and panic attacks all fall under the Biblical “Category” of fear.  Having a greater understanding of our fears will take us to a greater understanding of the One who pleads, “Fear not. For I am with you.” 

Event Coordinator:  Jewell Utt
Registration:  $40.00 *Lunch $7:00
* Lunch is a barbecue sandwich, specialty of Fellowship Church. Lunch includes sides, desserts and drinks.

Drinks and refreshments are available all day.

To register by mail please make check payable to Jewell Utt
Address: 16 Mountain Ridge Drive   Oxford, NJ   07863

For additional information email: or by phone: 908-758-5787 


  1. The timing is perfect for me. Am excited it’s coming. Thanks Jewell.

    • says:

      Yes for many of us it is perfect. Please share this link on your facebook page. Many will benefit from this seminar.

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