Where Were YOU on 9-11?

Where Were YOU On 9-11?

Everyone remembers something about that day. The day the “Axis of Evil” spun in our direction. We watched in utter shock at the terror that threatened our nation. The news images of the first Tower being hit, then its Twin…the Pentagon and finally the crash of flight 93; where passengers and crew fought the terrorist to prevent their next attack. It is a day our nation will always remember.

A day of Shock, Fear and Uncertainty.

Where was I?

Driving to my son’s school. I was on my way to music class, to hear his jazz band practice for an upcoming competition. The first tower was hit. An accident, I thought. Until I arrived at the school and heard the announcement on the loud speaker.”The World Trade Center has been hit by an airplane. We will keep you informed. Do not panic. You are safe.” The school fell silent. Walking down the halls was eerie. As I entered the classroom, I can remember the teacher’s eyes. They were opened so wide and glazed. They pierced mine with fear and gratitude to have another adult in the classroom.

Silently I prayed.

For my husband, my kids, our families. I knew my sister had to be very close to the action. She could see the towers from the window of her job. My oldest son was away at college.  How would we all reconnect if there was a national emergency? I’d like to say a calm came over me. But dread settled in the pit of my stomach. I sensed this was not yet over.

We all remember something…

The next time I heard a loud speaker attempting to comfort students was at Virginia Tech. I was on the phone with my youngest son. In the year when evil assaulted their campus. Thirty-two people were killed and 17 wounded. This is a generation growing up with terrorism, in the USA.

During the 911 attacks 2996 people were killed and 6000 others were wounded.

Terrorists assign no value to human life. But God values every single life. He created us all and loves us all.

I am currently teaching the book of Revelation. Knowing the prophecies that are yet to come, and seeing the chaos in our world today, makes me heed the words repeated several times therein: “He who has an ear, let him hear.” Revelation 13:9

What do you remember? Share your stories here.


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  1. Toni Samuels says

    Great blog post, Jewell. I’ll always remember where I was that day. About 15 minutes before the first plane hit, I exited a PATH train and walked through the WTC on my way to work. After I got to my office, I looked out the window at a beautiful sky and a wonderful view of the WTC. Then in what seemed like slow motion, I watched the tragic events unfold before my eyes. This is a moving reminder of the terror that plagues our world.

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